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Know exactly when something starts to go wrong with your computer. The Computer Health Sentinel (Kabuto) keeps an eye on the health status of your computer and warns you when things aren’t quite right. Preventing problems before they become actual problems is a much better way.

Kabuto is completely safe for your computer. A very small service that runs in the background. There is no adware, no browser add-ons, and no prying eyes, and no obligation. It simply monitors the health of your computer and pops up a small notice at the bottom of your screen like the one shown on the left. You are even given a one button gateway to request help from your PC Helper if you choose to.



With the Computer Health Sentinel you can now find out when:

  • Your Antivirus or Firewall has been Disabled
  • Your Hard Drive Starts Showing Signs of Problems
  • Something Goes Wrong In Your Device Manager
  • and More…

Many computer problems start long before your computer actually starts showing signs that something is wrong or doesn’t start up anymore. The sooner you can address these issues the less likely you are to lose valuable pictures and files.¬†Download the Computer Health Sentinel (Kabuto) and set it up now to make sure you stay safe.

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